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Thought I had caught the same fish again


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Fished the deep up from Lilli Pilli early this morning. Could only catch 1 yellowtail and half a dozen pillies, so let the pillies die (which does not take too long) cut them in half and threw out the halves on ganged hooks, hoping for a reddie or tailor.

After a good fight, pulled out one of the flatties in the photo on a half pillie. The hooks fell out of it's mouth when it swam into the net, so took a photo and set it free. It swam off at a great pace along the surface out the back of the boat.

About 15 minutes later, another good fight and I pulled out the other one. Thought it was the same one, then realised it was much fatter around the head and body, and then a bit longer on the mat. A small operation to remove the hooks, a photo and it too swam off.

Both fish were hooked around the same location that I lobbed out the baits.

Also pulled out 3 tailor to 40cm, and 4 small jewies that are now under the new limit. The jewies preferred squid.

On my last half pillie, hooked up to something that gave a few big head shakes, and made a few fast runs, so I was hoping for a good jew. During the fight, the fish jumped out of the water, right where the sun was reflecting off the water, so I could not see what it was, but at that point I suspected an eagle ray. The fish headed back to the bottom and sulked, not running but not wanting to come to the boat either. With 11 pound line on the reel, it took quite a bit of time to bring it to the boat. Eventually it swam up beside the boat just under the surface, an eagle ray between 3 and 4 feet across the wing tips. It started up another run straight towards the boat, so I grabbed a knife and cut the line near it's mouth, it had swallowed the hooks, and it headed off at speed under the boat.

Called it a day after that.



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