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A few tips for fishing plastics around the harbour (lb)


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Hi raiders,

So with a recent baby at home, fishing is pretty much off the cards. The only time I do get is an hour or so around 7 and I really want to make the hour count when I can.

In that time I can usually get down to Clifton gardens (never the wharf as i like a bit of peace and quite) or Sirius cove depending on the wind. My gear is a daiwa sol with 6lb braid and a light 1-3kg rod. I don't want to keep fish I just enjoy being out trying.

I generally pick a spot and throw a plastic around (generally until I snag) then I try another. I haven't had much luck though. Caught the odd undersized flatty, and the one time I got something decent it broke my light leader.

Does anyone have tips for around that area or surrounds or just generally any methods or different lures/sp worth trying out?

I try fishing areas where I can get to deeper water but am interested to know if the shallows at the ends of the bay are worth a try.



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I cant speak for that location specifically, but my biggest flattys and good bream and whitting have come from water less than 3 meters deep.

if the shallows have bait fish, nipper beds or you see the odd fleeing prawn/shrimp then they are definantly worth a go.

Also if there is a good drop off I am guessing the kings,salmon or tailor would not be far away.

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Agreed, never had any luck there either but have been having a blast of an evening around my area fishing from low tide on the way in. No need for deep water, been doing most of my fishing in 1 m of water. See my other post about some of my catches.

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I live around the area so have tried Sirius Cove and all around Clifton Gardens and would say that it's generally pretty tough fishing. Your best bet is probably spinning with small metal slugs for some salmon, tailor or bonito from one of the ledges along the front of the headland from Clifton Gardens to Taylors Bay.

As for shallow bays, they definitely are worth a go, especially at night. Flatties, bream, tailor all come into the shallows at night to chase baitfish, and I find spinning with hardbodies on the flats at night consistently productive.

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Congratulations on the baby, and congratulations for having an amazing partner who lets you out fishing for an hour when you have a baby...

I'm jealous man... Really jealous!!!

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Hi Dan, I live just over the other side of the spit bridge and 99% of the time fish with plastics. I've had a bit of luck in the past catching a couple of flatties while squiding around the wharf at balmoral but haven't fished around there for a while. The wharf, beach and headlands are worth a look around dusk. Aside from flatties you're also in with a good chance of a decent whiting!!

Good luck!!

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