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Okuma Reel


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Hello everyone, Im a beginner at fishing. I juz started learning fishing 4 months ago. I i need some advises from you guyz!

Im thinking of getting an Okuma Reel. The model is "Okuma Epix Baitfeeder EB-80".

Is it good enough to put on an ugly stik 12 fts rod for rock fishing? is okuma reel durable?

are there any other good reels that you would recommand?

I also think of getting the shimano baitrunner 6500b, but it is a little bit over my budget.

we wanna get jew, Groper, Blackfish, or kingfish........anything which is big! ^^

Can you guyz share yr opinons here?


For more information of the Okuma Epix Baitfeeder EB-80, please go to the link below


I hope it is not a silly question to u guyz! THanks again

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Had this dilemma a few weeks ago, went for a couple of 4500 baitrunners. They just feel a lot stronger. Have a few eb 20 and 30's and they work well. The 6500 is just a bit too big for 6 to 8 kg work, but great for 10 kg!

ABA should be able to do the 4500 for around $200.


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