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Hawkesbury Post-spawners


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Howdy people,

As I look down at my raspy 'bass thumb' it is good to be able to say that at last another bass season is under way for me. Mr Joe Crust and myself ventured out on the Hawksbury on Sunday morning in search of some post-spawners on the move.

Things were looking grim for the first few hours with no perceptable signs of life. We rotated through different techniques until at last I got a 'tap tap' on a Ecogear VT 55 in gold (unfortunately didnt stick).

We then motored down river a bit further and spotted a lovely looking bay, out of the main tidal flow with some snags in 30ft of water and a few shallow weed beds, basically it had bass written all over it. As we approached the bay I fired a cast in at a weedy point and slow rolled the VT 55 back to the boat. It was promptly smashed and a nice 39cm to fork skinny post-spawner was the result.

As we moved further round the bay a 34cm and a 36cm to fork were added to my tally. Joe was then belted with instant drag being taken (unfortunatley no piccie of this one as it 'self-released' boatside).

The last stage of the runout and the changeover period in the tide seemed to bring the bass on, and as the tide had now started to flood back in the action tapered off. I've caught plenty of fish on tea-baged poppers, but the crafty Mr Crust managed to tea-bag up a fish on a lipless crank and after that we called it a day.

Thanks for a great day out in the sun mate, much appreciated.



A long skinny 39cm to fork post-spawner


34 fork


36 fork


Joe's tea-bag


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Lovely work!! Damn fine effort Brent/Joe!

I am super keen to dust off the bass fishing gear and get some runs on the board this season. It has been a long time between sessions....especially considering that it used to be my absolute favourite form of fishing.

Go the Storm Wee Wart!!! :yahoo:


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G'day Brent,

I grew up in the Hills district, Castle Hill to be precise and used to head up to Windsor/Richmond and put my little canoe in the water and cruise around. Also Wisemans and upstream from Berowra towards Crosslands.

Did a littlle time fishing the Colo, Cattai and Nepean, but as I say it was a long time ago....approx 15-20 years now (holy smokes that makes me feel old :( )

When I lived up at Lennox head during my Uni days I used to fish the inland creeks up there as well from my canoe or shore. Some pristine waterways up that way if you are prepared to do some hiking.

Most recent captures have been from Manly dam with Lizardboy, and it really whet my appetite again!!

I have been mentioning to Mick R at ABA that I would love to get back into it. Especially now that I have a sweet boat to help in the quest.

Let me know if you are looking for a side kick any time mate. I will be particularly keen to get your advice on lures etc. I feel I will need to invest a little cash in that department before I get out there. I have never used a spinnerbait in my life!!

Cheers mate


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