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Gotta Love Getting New Gear!


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As some of you folks may have seen from other posts, im back into the fishing after a too long lay off, as such a lot of my old gear is rat sh1te, giving the perfect excuse to update!

Well today i picked up my new estuary combo

Silstar 6'0 PC-602SPXL "Crystal Power Tip" Rod

Okuma Epix EFS20 Reel

Picked up for a quite reasonable $214 from Fish & Dive ....it feels like a fantastic combo :1fishing1:

I've also picked up some Shakespeare Cajun 8lb mono and some squidgy jig heads....so i think i will go and have a cast this afternoon, now what about the :wife:

Is it just me or is buying new gear like being a kid in a toy store :1prop:

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