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Botany Bay 28/08/05


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With my car still off the road a mate of mine Jim offered to tow my boat with his car’ an offer to good to refuse , besides it’s nice being chauffeured around for a change :biggrin2: , first stop was molineaux point where we saw a couple of boats hooked up on blurters, anchoring up we got a burly trail going with almost instant success with a blurter of 33cm then another of the same size then nothing for an hour before another blurter of the same size then nothing again so we decided to give the hot water outlet a go the place was alive with yakkas and couldn’t get a bait past them :( . So off to Bonner point for a flatty spin after a hundred casts it seemed’ I hooked and lost an average flatty just shy of the boat :1badmood: a fair while later my mate Jim hooked up on a solid flatty after a bloody good tussle we netted a 75cm lizard :biggrin2::yahoo: a PB by a long way for Jim his best flatty befor that had been 50cm after a few pics Jim released her which made both our day, :thumbup::thumbup:




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G'day Chris

Great looking lizard there and congrats to Jim for his PB. :thumbup:

We scored a few flatties at that same spot yesterday, most fell to a black gold squidgy fish. :biggrin2:

At least you had more favourable weather than we did at Molineaux Point yesterday. :frozen::badair::05:



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Guest Jocool

Thats a nice solid fish. Would have made a good feed! :074: Good on ya for letting her swim. :thumbup:

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nice lizard Chris  :thumbup:

have you ever had a fishless day on the bay?


G/Day Brian

I’ve had more fishless days then I would like to remember :mad3: but to be honest since the pros have been given the flick I rarely miss out on a feed. :thumbup:

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hey chris.

damn thats a nice flattie!!! :1yikes:

bigger than ive ever landed!!!  would have tasted nice but good to see youve given her the chance to get on my line!!! :074:  :074:





You stole my quote subynick I was just about to say the same thing. Well done guys. Russ

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