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Port Hacking - April Fools Day


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Headed to the deep off Lilli Pilli at first light, expecting to pull out a tailor or two, but not one to be seen. The only thing that grabbed a pilchard was a bonito over 40cm.

Pumped some nippers at Maianbar and drifted about for not too many bites at too many different spots. Eventually managed 2 bream, 1 whiting and 1 flattie, all not a lot over the size limit. Also threw back a few whiting and flounder, and a flattie, just under the limit.

Hooked up to 2 longtoms on nippers, both around 50cm, one bit off the hook and the other threw the hook.

Finally hooked up to a flattie around the 45 to 50cm mark, and into the net. Placed the net on the seat, put the rod down, and was about to pick up the net when the flattie flicked it's tail, did a backward flip out of the net, over the side of the boat and landed in the water with a double twist.

The fight was on again but the line had wrapped around the flatties head and frayed on it's head spike and broke, so the bastard swam off. I said bugger or something similar, then I remembered it was April Fools Day.

Headed home after that.

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Hey Yowie I was there also, started at Warrumbal for 1 bream, then went Constens Point, Yowie Bay, Lilly Pilly and Burraner Bay for nothing, stiil beats going to work. Water was a bit dirty I thought.

Should have been some fish about somewhere, that colour usually brings on the bite.

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