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Knots and Line

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Hi all,

I know some may say never use Braid for big fish / game fishing, is this true? if so why not?

I am new to game fishing and currently have braid setup on all my reels.

This is my current setup, please correct me and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

80lb Braid Mainline --> FG knot to 200lb leader --> Bimini Twist to swivel on the Pakula lure or Rapala x-rap


1. Can I just do Bimini Twist directly from my braid mainline? as the lure already have a leader.

2. Watched on youtube some guy saying poor-mans Bimini is better as 1 line snap the 2nd is not affected, whats the difference between the two knot and which is better?

Lastly how to switch lures out faster? do I put a snap on the end of my 200lb leader to easily attach/remove the swivel on the lure leader?

Many thanks in advance and sorry for the newbie questions.


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Hi Pod, the reason braid is not recommended for game-fishing, especially trolling is that braid has zero stretch and with the fish you are likely to encounter that jump, have a hard strike and the pressure involved during the fight, some "give" is required. So most would use either all mono or braid with a top-shot of 150m of mono to provide a "shock absorber". Also being the part that takes most of the load, the top 150m of mono is much less expensive to replace regularly.

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I have 2 tiagra50w set up with 1000 mtrs of 80lb braid top shot with a P R knot approx. 50-60 mtrs of 100 pound mono finished with a bimini twist and double cats paw to a 170lb snap swivel.

The last marlin I caught was a Blue Marlin approx 190kgs. No dramas at all.

Have also caught many school tuna with this set up and has not failed me yet & from memory I think HODGEY or one of the admin told me about this not for braid.

In my opinion a great set up strong and reliable only problem you might find if any other guys on your boat have mono and you get a double hook up & lines cross your mates going to get cut off and upset with you lol

All my game rods are set up this way.

But you will find most game fishos only use mono.

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Every game fishing boat I've been on has all rods set up with mono 10, 15 and 24kg.

As scaffsta said, he uses braid with mono and leader and has never had a problem so I guess it's personal preference.

As long as your set up has some "give" in it you should be fine!

And yes a snap swivel is a must. 150lb minimum.

Cheers scratchie!!!

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