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stella fe reels and spools


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Hi guys,

So with the new Stella FI models due to be released soon, there are some good savings on Stella FE models at the moment. Undecided on size at the moment either a 2500 FE or 4000 FE.

Does anyone know if a 3000 size spool will fit a 2500 reel? From all I can see the reels (2500 and 3000) are the same body. The reel will be used as a jew outfit with plastics.



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Hi Mick,

I just picked up a 'cheap' 4000FE. Its a pretty small reel so depending on what your fishing fir I'm guessing you will get more value out of the 4000, it feels good on 1-3 and great on 4-6kg rods. Very smooth!!!!

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If you are fishing from a boat stick with a 2500 FE stella much more sport and 10kg drag is plenty.

If you are from land you might want to upsize to the 4000

In terms of spool size im not sure but i would love to know aswell !!!

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