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Acetylene Welding


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don't know if many people on the list use acetylene for welding

but I was at Bunnings a couple of weeks back and noticed they are now

doing bottle-swaps for acetylene and oxygen.

This means that you don't need to rent the bottles anymore.

It seems it is a bit like the bbq gas bottles. They come in the D sizes for each

I think I figured out that if you are renting then payback is about 18 months

so if you want a bottle for an occasional weld then this might be good for you.

no affiliation with bunnings or coregas who are the company suppling them


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Guest Aussie007

we've been able to buy any size cylinders for a while now i think its speed gas is the one i use i get my Argon thru a local welding company i paid $315 to buy outright a tank and it will filled i cant remember what size i have but came filled with Argon and i have taking it back a few times for a refill they just swap your cylinder with one in same condition, u take in a new one u get one like new u take one in looking like it went to war u get the same back lol

refill for argon was about $88 and no rental fee's

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Guest Aussie007

thats good

I've been paying BOC the monthky rental, and for what I used it for,

it wasn't worth while

yeah BOC is only good if u need the cylinders for less than 2 years other wise much better buying the cylinders works out a lot cheaper

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