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  1. This is my old Datsun 1600. Its the same age me, and arguably in better condition.
  2. Hi I'm wanting to take my boat on a long trip and wondered if there were any refueling spots in Sydney harbor? I need petrol and eftpos. I'll have some jerry can's but I was curious if there were places in the harbor. cheers
  3. Mine is now off my boat. I have a new Suzi. cheers
  4. I have a spare etec that might be off to the wreckers. Goes well, start to start. Needs a new EMM cheers
  5. how was the blue slip Frank?
  6. HI I have that reel and I used it for Barra. The DC part works pretty well. It has four settings and they are directly related to the casting distance I have to put in for a service as it has got a bit stuck. I suspect a rusty bearing cheers
  7. I work too, I just love a mid-week break. My wife is a teacher and i know how hard it is for her to take a day off. The other thing you might want to do, is come offshore with me when i go. I'm up Gosford way. cheers
  8. I'd be happy to pop down if you want a deckie Mid-week is good. Less people cheers
  9. looking forward to the progress @frankS
  10. antonywardle

    New engine

    Some great reads in here @JonD I think thats who I will go with too. The suzi place will do it for me. @JustJames For me, i think there are a couple of things that are leaning more to the Suzuki, or the Japanese side of thinking. I think that their corrosion protection is a little better. I like that there is a 6 year warranty. It has lean burn so i think that my driving style will mean it is ok on fuel. After your comment, I'm now a bit worried now that I may end up being a nearly 60 y/o rev head if I also discover a heap of extra power! I like tech and the fly by wire seems to be the way to go. Its a white engine which will suit my boat a bit more. I'm pretty good with computers and what that means is that I don't have to be very good with engines and will be going with dealer servicing. There is a an American guy on youtube who see's a lot of engines and he basically said, reliability, go Japanese. I'm happy for you and you new boat and I hope you get a lot of trouble free years out of it. I'm going from a 90HP ETEC (145kg) and thinking that the Suzi 140 (186kg) will be the approach. Merc would be a 115 pro xs and the yamaha is a 130. I don't need to go fast and really I can only do that in Brisbane water. Offshore it hurts too much and everything gets thrown around. Pricing, most seems fairly similar. Trying to find the year servicing pricing has been a lot more challenging
  11. antonywardle

    New engine

    @JonD Great write up. I'm going through a similar thing myself. Repower time. It will either be a suzi or a yamaha. I looked at the mercs but I don't think that they are for me. Was the uprated compliance plate easy? I'm guessing that it was the guy in queensland who does it all off pictures?
  12. I looks like you have a bit of room. Consider removing the roller, getting some 10mm plate welded on and stuck out the front Tap some bolt holes and attach your bow sprit to that. I'm doing something similar to mine although mine will be more on a L shape as I want the ability to be able to put an electric motor on one day. I have a Lonestar GX2 and a lone star bow sprit.
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