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Haines Hunter V16R etc


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Hi guys,

Thinking of buying an old boat. Maybe. Just looking at the older HH V16R and the seats look quite low. Is that a pain when fishing?

Also there doesn't seem to be an anchor well, and the windscreen doesn't open on the original condition ones, so how do you set up the anchor when fishing? Are you meant to climb over or whats the deal here? :)


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Hi mate, most people fish while standing and as for anchoring you need to anchor over the side into a bin or similar.

Someone else will help you more im sure.


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Hi, the 16R was never designed as a fishing boat and back in the day they were used mainly as social boats so the back to back seats worked well-our family has owned a few throughout the years and one of my favourite boats was a 17R with 175HP Johno on the back-that went very well. We had a 16R too at one stage with a V6 Merc on the back and that boat could move too.

That said I have seen many a 16R being converted nicely to a fishing hull, with pedestal seats, opening screen and anchorwell fitted to the bow. The benefit of this hull is that is a great riding boat and would be worth doing these mods to if you can find a good one at the right price. Some other brand older boats would not justify spending the time and money to do these mods to but the V16R is not one of these.



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