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Easter dollies


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Hi folks

Haven't posted a report all season as its just been dollies every week. But i wanted to put this up as a lot of people are asking if they are still around.....the answer is yes and the average size is getting bigger!

Get out there and have a great easter.





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Thats the million dollar question! Been my first season offshore but my mates tell me this is very unusual and the best season in history. However as long as the temps remain 23+ they will stay. Temps were still 23.5 yesterday. Im hoping till end of May.

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Harbour fad and waverider both producing. Got the two big boys on unweighted yakkas that lasted about 5 seconds on the surface. All others on unweighted stripey and pilly cubes. So many boats fishing with lead and getting nothing every drift. Burley up and then drop in your bait open bail arm and hang on. Few kings in there too which was awesome on light gear.

Good luck.

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