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In Orange For The Weekend


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I am heading to Orange on the weekend to visit the :wife: 's family. We don't have time to visit anywhere on the way, but I will have time to do some fishing if there's some around.

I've tried lake canobolas and Spring Hill Creek (?) but only quickly and without any real knowlege of spots or time to really explore.

Any suggestions on where to go? Are there trout up there? If not, what else is available? Any hints would be appreciated.

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Hey mate, I grew up in Orange and still fish the area whenever I get back there. Lake canobolas is a good spot to throw some small lures / plastics. there are a lot of redfin some nice rainbows and a few hefty yellas to be had here. Either side of the netted area on th wall are good places to start, small diving lured, diving nipper patterns and 2" grubs would be my choice of lure in this area. I have caught trout redfin and afew big yellas in this deeper section of water. Another good spot on the lake is when you drive in turn to your right and drive to the end of the road where the is a small pontoon and a parking area, casting spinners such as red celtas should score you a few nice redfin and hopefully a nice Rainbow.

Another place to try is Gosling creek dam. This is on your way out of town towards spring hill. The dam used to be in the middle of a forest but there are no longer any trees there but some walking paths. There are a lot of visible sunken trees and big riibon weed beds. you can catch rainbow and brown trout, big redfin that school in the deeper sectins and there are some really good sized Yellas to be had. celtas and small diving HB's such as CD3 in rinbow trout and sx40's have produced the goods for me here in the past.

if yo feel like a bit more of a drive you have got awesome trout fishing at 4 mile creek and spring hill creek with the later holding some monster browns and good natives

Hope this helps


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