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Evinrude v Suzuki


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I'm still rying to find an outboard for my boat so i can go out while rebuilding my current one.

I've found two that are similer and wondered if there was a general preferance.

First is a 120 Envinrude looper 94 model. VRO disconnected, 135 in all cylinders

second is a 115 Suzuki 95 model. Recent rebuilt withgood compression in all the cylinders

With the evinrude, I have spares in the form of my old johnson. The boat already has the controls

and I have the owners manual. Plus it is a bit cheaper.

The suzuki is a newer model and has done 100 hours on a new set of pistons and crank shaft.

Oil injected so I don't have to worry about pre-mix but a bitmore expensive

Both pump good water. Suzuki is a bit quieter.

Anyone have an opinion? I can't find out which one would weigh more, and I don't know which one is easier to service

myself and which one uses less fuel.

Pleae assume that both engines are in about the same sort of condition and they have been looked

aftr ok. Both have SS props

It is for the boat in my avatar


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thanks for that

I went and had a look. The suzuki is a DT115 and quite a big engine

(tall) and it is a 25inch shaft. Are there any downsides to having

a shaft that is a bit longer other than hitting things?

Apparantly the guy who used to have the outboard had

a friend who has a spare crankshaft so thats why they replaced it

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Guest Aussie007

putting a XL shaft on a L shaft boat can be dangerous, i'd be very cautious about the crankshaft the old suzukis arnt the easiest to find parts for so a mate having a spare crankshaft raises an eye brow

ive owned johnson and evinrudes and they have been super reliable so i'd lean towards the evinrude because there are second hand parts all over the world where as you'll find it super hard to get bits for the suzuki, there is only one dealer in sydney who i know of who deals with the old suzuki parts and last i heard when i was in there he was closing down

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Hi, as the guys have said any X/L will not work on your hull and it could be a good thing because that Suzuki has a pressed one piece crankshaft and rods so as mentioned you just do not replace these for the fun of it-there would of been a reason. The V4 Johno too will have a heap more grunt then it being a 2L engine-they went hard for their HP these loopers.



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Guest Aussie007

since craig said its a pressed crank (i wasnt sure) i would avoid the suzuki, there are two people who rebuild pressed multi cylinder cranks in all of australia one is a back yard job the other a tiny shop than on top of that u have to chase your own parts major pain in the ass

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+1 to what Gazza said, some brands use press crank shaft and they are a real PIA to replace and 9 times out of 10 they cost more to do than a second hand outboard is worth. As I said probably a blessing the engine is the wrong shaft length.

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