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Gday all and happy easter. At the moment its blowin 10 knots and lets say a bit chilly. Water is a lovelly shade of green and 23.1. Water is warm all through the coloumn. Current going uphill at about a knot.

Fishing is extremely slow probably cause the fish coming up are very warm. So far only got a snapper, pig and mowie to show.

Hopefully things pick up otherwise its home and into the chocolate. Thats about it for the time being.

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Back again and the bells about to toll 1. Wind and swell have dropped swell about.5m from the sth and its now been like glass for an hour. Moved down sth a bit and the water has cleaned up to a nicer colour and water temp up to 23.7. Fishing slightly improved with some trag and a couple of flatties.

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Yeah thanks guys it turned out a nice day. Wrote up a follow up but didnt seem to go through. Day ended up great we decided to go sth past bondi about 1130. Water colour picked up and so did the temp 24.7. Wind finally died around 1100 current was .3kt still going nth. Swell was still sth but a lovelly ground swell at around .5m. Fishing still a bit hard but improved after high. Some great fish around but you must work for them on the drift. Alot of micro jackets between 65 and 70m just gotta watch the sounder to get past em. Still some great snapper around our biggest went 3kg and also trag up to 90cm. Funny I have only seen pictures of the bastards from when they plagued like jackets and its only been the last 2yrs they have been making a comeback. Hadnt seen a trag since I was 6 that was 40yrs ago. Thought it was a mythical fish lol. Also caught my first pearl perch today, another mystical fish off Sydney.

Weather tomoz looks the same as today, so if your out enjoy easter monday. It'll be worth it!

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