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Jewie help wanted!


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Hey y'all. I have always been a bread and butter estuary fisher but wanna start getting serious about it and step up my game.

I went out and bought myself a new beach/estuary combo to handle some more kilo.

I have set myself a goal and want to catch a jewfish as my new goal. If anyone out there can help me with areas to fish, bait, moons, tides everything and anything. Also if there's a pro out there that wants to catch up some time and help me through the basics that would be even better haha

Many thanks guys and comment away!!

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Hey mate,

You will soon figure out people are generally quiet when fishing for this species. And after you start fishing for them regularly, you will understand the devotion you have to put in to catch them with any regularity. Cold, wet and fishless nights when you first start off. Then when you get a few, you too will not reveal to people when where how etc. They are a mysterious fish and the people that fish for them regularly are even more mysterious.

Ok, so bait must be fresh. This means go and catch your own, sure people get lucky and catch em on servo bait, but this is plain old luck, nothing more. Squid, yellowtail, mullet and tailor - remember tailor have to be legal size and you should inform people that using undersize tailor is not legal. I spend atleast half my time catching bait for any bait mulloway session. Use what you caught either live or dead, but if dead it must be fresh...........The longest ive had squid in the freezer and still caught mullys is about one month. Older than that wont cut it. When I catch squid to be used for a session a couple/few of days later, I stick em separately in zip lock bags and straight into the freezer that day/night. If I use them the same day or the next ill keep em in the fridge. Buy an aerator to keep bait alive and a big bucket if using yellowtail, mullet live.

Fish tide changes and around the moon changes. Breakwalls, bridge pylons, deeper holes. Find where the bait is as the jews will not be too far away. But I'd still say the main ingredient to be concerned about is using the best possible bait that you can.

You might think this is silly, but keep a diary of any session you have targeting them. tide phase, moon phase, tide difference, water colour, time, date and anything else you can remember from the sessions you should write down. Like I said it may seem silly, but when you have got a few say 6+ a pattern will begin to emerge...........by the time you get to thirty or forty you should have cut down your time fishing for these fish by half I reckon. Even record details of fishless nights.

There is also a thread on here somewhere that is titled jewfish tactics, read that and anything else you can to get ideas, tips and pointers etc.

I know I havnt said heaps, I am as secretive about them as most especially when they are tougher to get, you will learn to understand what I mean by this, but I cannot stress enough spend the time to catch your own bait.

Anything else pm me


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Jewfish tactics thread is here. It contains all the info you will need to get started... After that it is up to you. ;)


How do I check pms haha

Up the top of any page you open on the site at the top right corner you will see your screen name, on the left of that is your notification button and to the left of that is your messages button. WHen you receive a message you will see a red 1 over the top of it. ;)


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