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LB…….. Lake Macquarie (Cameron Park)


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:sun: Just a quick report. At home alone for the Easter break, was thinking of launching the tinny on my own, but I would have to wear an old floppy life jacket that makes rod handling some what of a challenge, ssooo off to an old fave' fishing spot at Lake Mq. Armed with some berley and good old servo prawns, first cast, bang !!! on for a nice bream 35cm. Hmm, not bad at all. Now if only my ''mates'' on jet skis and ski boats would ''play'' in another part of the Lake, a man might have half a chance of getting another keeper. As the day warmed up, and those bone heads on jet skis increased their activities, and the worms were letting me know I should take a break, sit down at the waters edge and eat a bit of tucker whilst I watched some of the locals play in the park, ride their horses and walk their dogs. It seemed as though the fish were not on the chew, so I guess it was time to take five and take it all in. That done, prawn on hook, line in water, and a familiar sucking sensation and loading of the line zzzzz off we go, argh you little ripper, got a nice ol croc. The ol girl came in at 63cm. Gotta be happy with that. fished for an hour or so after that, hook one little pinky that was released to fight another day. Lake Mq, what a great spot, what a great day. Thanks for reading. Rod.

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