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PB bream


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Hi all,

Headed out to the rocks in botany bay with 2 mates. They were super keen and turned up at first light while I slept in and turned up about an hour later.

Usual ledge was still to rough and fished more sheltered spots.

Not much action other than plenty of undersized drummer.

My mate landed some luderick. I fished a different ledge and managed to land by PB bream - just made 40cm.

Very tough fight on light gear - thought it was a drummer. Other than that it was pretty quiet but happy with the bream and just to be out fishing




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That is a good sized bream. 40cm or bigger makes the grade of a bream worth catching..

Thanks! Definitely agree.

nice bream and great PB

cheers sydneyfisher12

Thanks - i think it will be awhile before i break my PB for bream again

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