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Advice needed !


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Hi Fishraiders,

I have just had my boat serviced and had some re-wiring done on the boat. I had a new switch panel installed as the old one was no good. I also had a new sounder installed as well.

I haven't had a chance to take the boat out yet after this work was done and admittedly it has been sitting idle for a couple of weeks.

I was getting ready to take it out later this week and was checking everything over. Here lies my problem.

I went to start the sounder, bilge pump, bait tank pump and nav lights with nothing happening. I did have success with the anchor light and the internal led light strip in the cockpit.

I next cranked the engine over thinking the battery may not have had enough charge. I was able to start the sounder (Raymarine Dragonfly) and it all looked good. I still didn't notice if the bait tank and bilge pump were working as the sound of the engine was interfering. The nav lights didn;t light up either.

I turned off the engine and was not able to start anything again. The sounder made a long loud beep and won't turn back on. I started the engine again and was not able to get anything but the internal lights and anchor lights to work.

I was thinking of getting a trickle charger for the battery and hooking it up for a couple of days to see of that helped.

Does anyone have any advice as to what the problem is?



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If there was enough battery charge to start the motor then there should have been enough to run any of your accessories which draw much less current than your

starter motor. Provided of course they are actually connected to the same battery source.

Do you have a dual battery system?

I would tend to believe that this all have something to do with the recent additions to your wiring.


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Well after some more investigation I have narrowed it down to the new switches which were installed.

I contacted the place that did the work and they are were more then happy for me to take it back for them to fix.

I will let you know what the end result is

Thanks for the replys


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A word of warning: I don't think it is recommended to start your sounder with the transducer out of the water as it can damage it

I had this happen to my old Lowrance and it wrecked it

My new Furuno manual states this also

Not sure about the Raymarine.chirps but be careful !

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Hey seahuffking I read this and thought how can that be????

A little research and I found this

"M ost manfacturers caution against operating the transducer when not in the water. Think of the transducer like the head or skin on a drum. When struck it emits sound. The transducer is designed to be operated while its "drum" is in water, which has a dampening effect (hey--good pun, too). When operated in air there is no dampening effect and the "drum" could be damaged by being struck too hard (by the electrical pulse which excites the piezoelectric element of the transducer)"

Always so much new stuff to learn!

......... SaltWaterDog

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@SeaHuffKing - I actually didn't know that, thanks for the warning.Do you think it would make a difference that I only looked at the charts and not the sounder or down imaging?

Picked the boat up today, all fixed and ready to fish. It turned out there was a problem with some of the parts they used.


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Never had a dual sounder/plotter. Always had separate units, so not sure exactly how the switching works, but it sounds like if just using the chart plotter it wouldn't be a problem.

But to be on the safe side, it would be a good idea to give Raymarine a call and double check.

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