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Another luderick session on fly

Jew Stalker

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I went out late this arvo for another quick luderick session on the fly off the rocks. Fishing was a bit slow, there was two other gents there fishing with their weed and all up over the entire time I was there I only saw four fish come up... Thankfully one of them was mine. It was nothing too impressive coming in at 34cm but it shows I am doing something right. I was wondering if my first one was a bit of a fluke but today put my mind at ease, one for chance two is true. The fellows around me were using cabbage and I was using a stringy weed fly. I was a little unsure if they would be keen for the stringy stuff but was shortly put at ease as I missed two strikes just after I put my first cast in. I kept going and it was a solid hour before I had my next take and I wasn't going to miss this one. I struck well on the 5wt and came up tight. I got it in without too much grief and quickly put it out of its misery as this one was for dinner tonight along with about half a dozen squid I caught last night down at the wharf. Cant argue with fresh seafood I say.

Sorry about the photo, I thought it came out much better than it did... It looked ok on my phone but when I saw it on the puter it was pretty dodgy. Here it is anyway.



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Nice one mate sounds like fun. Do you use an indicator float? I'm assuming that the weed fly is a wet fly?

Cheers mate, yes I use a strike indicator about 9ft above the fly. The fly itself is a wet weighted green stringy weed fly. I dont use any other weights on the line like a split shot as it puts off the casting action and doesn't cast as well. I just wait a little longer for the fly to get down to them.

Well done Luc, one step backward two steps forward. Looks like a fun way to fly fish.

Thanks Pete, it is a very intense way to fish... You cant take your eyes of the indicator for more than a second or two. It is great fun though, especially fighting them on the 5wt. The guys on the bait rods just nose drag them straight up whereas I get to have some fun with them and give them a good fighting chance. I like the challenge and think it is much more fun.

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nice fish

you must be addicted to fly fishing for luderick now

cheers sydneyfisher12

Cheers Syd. I love fly fishing for anything that will take one. It just so happens though that I can go for Luderick 5 minutes from my house (instead of a couple of hours to the snowies for trout) though so it is very convenient and lots of fun.

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Very well done Luc :thumbup:

You are quickly becoming an expert at this style of fishing and I like your rationale about using the lighter gear as apposed to those other guys just nose dragging the fish up.... where's the sport in that and it is just a one sided contest too.

It must be very rewarding to land fish like that on light fly gear and to out perform the other guys using bait and heavier convential gear.

Nicely done Sir!

All the best


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Cheers Ian, I'm not sure about the expert bit but I am having a great time learning and adjusting my style. It is very rewarding since I have had no-one to show me how, I am just making it up as I go along and the 5wt I think is perfect for them. Each fish landed is a victory for me. It is also very addictive, I can see why folks get very focused to the point of obsession with them. For a little fish they go hard and don't mind fighting dirty.

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