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Middle Harbour


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Hi all, got to tunks at 3ish yesterday arvo for a plan to go to the fads which didn't go to plan. Got to the bay where we were going to stay the night started burleying up, which in 10mins got the first fish in the boat which was a 25cm pinkie. For the next hour and a half landed 9 pink snapper ranging from 22-28cm and two bream one was 32cm which out up a massive fight and a 24cm bream. Then started to try and get live bait I the tank when it hit dark. Got two yakkas, two massive slimies and about 20 tailor which were annoying losing all my hooks. Got up at 7ish today started burleying and didn't get a thing so decided not to go outside, then started casting zman 2.5 grubz in watermelon red, was on first cast with a 20cm snapper pretty happy that the money was working. Ended up with 4 snapper biggest 26cm. Then called it quits to head back. My brother fished at the boat ramp for a bit and landed 4 bream biggest was about 15cm and two blackfish one was about 25ish and the other 15ish again. All up had an alright time was good to get out on the water. Weather was really good with no wind water was 22 degrees. Hope you enjoyed the post.

Cheers Ethan

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