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Hacking to Garie


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Hi Raiders

Left the hacking at 5-30am

Trolled to Garie beach for 3 undersize Dollies and 3 large striped tuna.

Kept 2 for bait released the third. Tried for flathead but the wind dropped

And there was little current and not much drift. Got 3 legal flathead.

Lost heaps of rigs to the jackets, started to fish for them, caught a couple

and 3 green toads. Back by 11-30, Heaps of bait fish, birds diving,

large school of Dolphins, water was flat as, beautiful day everybody should have been out there.


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Jackets were only small, not worth the effort.

Green toads were bigger but we arent going to eat those.


Was trolling along the 40 metre depth, Lots of bait showing on the sounder.

Dollies were caught off Marly, Stripeys further south,

Love the user name, took me a while for it to sink in but brilliant.

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