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Undersized dollies


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hey raiders

Headed out from the airpot ramp yesterday around 11 and the conditions were beautiful once we got out into the open water we put a few small skirts out and trolled out to the FAD one the way out we got 2 55cm dollies.

once at the FAD we did a few laps then seen some surface action so we headed over and put out a few unweighted pillies and oiler the next 4 hours we got another 10 undersized dollies, and one that went 65cm all of which were taking the baits in a weird way it was similar to pickers eating your bait ….. tiny little "tap tap" almost like a vibration then after 30seconds give it a strike and your on and all of them were like dead weight until they seen the boat or the net.

trolled back in getting another 2x 55cm models.

the water was beautiful and at one point completely glassed out. great day for it.

tight lines




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