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How Dumb are Surfers


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I hit one of my favorite Jew fish spots this morning around 4:00am. Just before sunrise the moon stuck its head out from behind the clouds and looking out into the gutter I was fishing was a dorsal fin and tail just cruising around in the gutter, as there were plenty of tailer jumping around. Using the two 2/3 rule I reckon the Noah was between 6 & 7 feet long. Species unknown, but I'd say a Bronze Whaler

He was still cruising the gutter as the sun came up and the local brigade of surfers turned up. As I was packing up two of the board riders ran past me and started paddling out. One pulled up about 10 yards from me and started mucking around with his steamer and leg strap and was about to head out straight into the gutter. I pointed the dorsal fin out to him and he replied with a couple of expletives and took off up the beach and started paddling out to his mates

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You can't educate stupid. At least your conscience is clear if they get chewed on... you did your bit.


Lol very funny...

I was thinking perhaps he didn't see what you were pointing at because you'd to be a dumbass to swear at some one who just pointed a shark out to you


If it's to good to be true, it usually is...

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Guest Aussie007

crossfire the guy may have thought u were having a lend of him, profanity is the usual response in this case to a stranger lol

did the surfer actually see the shark?

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