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Dentists to Murray Cod

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After a nice week in Sydney, without wetting a line, I was keen to get down to the Murrumbidgee and check it out. Now, when I was working, I always had a policy of getting the crap sorted early in the week...so that the rest of the week was an improvement (in theory anyway). So I made my dental appointment for first thing Monday morning, to have a few fillings done. I decided to visit some of the tracks that follow the river on my way back home and found some excellent holes along the steep banks of the river. I lobbed in 2 lines and within 10 minutes had 2 very healthy Murray Cod of 52 and 56 cms. Bit of a struggle getting them in but managed and released both for another day. Quiet after that so moved down a bit and got a few more of the green fish from the next spot. Lost a bit of gear among the sticks (normal) and headed home for lunch, as my jaw was starting to get some feeling back and I was starving. Moral to the story... there's always fishing to improve a crappy day. Neil.

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You can't go wrong there Neil, a couple of fish always make a shite day better... especially cod I reckon (even though I am yet to catch one still it would be my highlight of the year).

Hope the jaw feels better.


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