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Got a last minute call, 'lets go fishing’. tired after a 20hr shift from work, said .. meh, what the .. lets go fishing,. I told my mate, there are no crabs… its too cold.. I’ll tag along.. thought might finally catch my first jew

Headed down to the hacking, dirty water, thought crap, I ain't gonna catch a thing tonight!! Nevertheless, lines out to catch some yakka's.

Set out some livies and now time to snooze, thought to myself, I might catch finally catch my first Jew!

About an hr goes by and my line goes tap, pull, sap!. I call it a Jewy, get all excited and land my first blue 65.5cm claw to claw. Rigging up another yakka, my goes crazy, 10 mins later I land its brother blue 0.5cm shorter!

Butterflied a yakka and feel asleep, about 1hr my 6lb screams…. By the familiar head shakes I called it, it was a bream and pull up a nice 37cm bream. 30 minutes later my line crazy again and landed a 35cm bream.

Considering that I slept through of half of it, it was a blast of a fishing trip but sadly no jew



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Those crabs are huuuuge, and soooo sooooo tasty. They make a great linguini with a bit of squid and fish along with a few vegies. The bream look nice and healthy too. Even a 20 hour stint at work won't hold us dedicated bunch back from a good time on the water.

Well done mate.


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great catch buddy any tips on where to drop crab nets in the hacking for those blue swimmers......

The use of nets in the area I fish is prohibited, I use lines... Check the area you want to fish on dpi website before using nets(http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fisheries/info/closures/rec-sw-loc/central-coast-index/port-hacking)

Generally we look for the area the tide slows down, I've also seen some guys scoop them up nets as they swim by on the run out. have a read of this article - > http://www.fishraider.com.au/fishing-articles/blue-swimmer-crabs.php. Hopefully it'll help you landing you some huge blue swimmers :)


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