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Cold afternoon on the Hacking pays off (Sort of)


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Hey guys,

Went for a fish this arvo after work. My last few sessions have been for doughnuts so this time I had some new gear, new techniques to try and a new spot. Target was bream. I haven't really seriously tried for bream with lures or plastics before.

Started out good with a little tailor in the first 5 minutes. Another tailor soon after, a PB for me (27cm haha almost legal). Next thing I was on again. Thinking probably a tailor I was surprised by a golden colour in the water. A first of species for me, an EP! Just 20cm but still pretty cool. A quick pic with the phone and he was off swimming again.

It went slow for a bit so I moved along the rocks a way. Flicking around again and this time I hook something heavy that takes some line. I think to myself, let it tire, no need to rush. 6lb braid with 6lb FC leader. I get the fish to the surface and see its a good sized flattie and change my mind quickly thinking get it in before it chews through the thin leader. I manage to pull it up on to the oyster covered rocks just before the line snaps. Grab hold of it without thinking about the spikes, luckily they don't get me. But now I've realised and am wary of them. I put my rod down and go to change my grip. The flattie slips around and down into the water... I was devastated. It was a Blue Spotted Flathead and a first of species for me. I estimate it was about 55cm.

Just one other small tailor after that before it got to dark.

Overall a fun and action packed session. It's a great feeling when you feel or see a bite on the plastics and manage to set the hook.

Plastics I was using were Squidgies in a white/transparnt colour. I need to check the pack to see what shape they're called.






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If you are careful, you can grab a flattie under the head. Hand under the head, the gap between the thumb and first finger to the side of the head behind the 2 side spikes, the other fingers just into the gill cover under the other side of the head (only for the experienced or very game person) Will cop a spike in the hand occasionally, but not good for a bigger flattie over the 50 to 60cm mark, too much power in the head shake.

Try it with a dead flattie first to become used to the grip.

For small flatties, under about 35cm, thumb on top of the head and a few fingers under the head. Grip firmly. Otherwise gloves or a piece of rag.

Another way is to swim the flattie into shallow water, and use a hand under the belly to lift it out, or use the hand to scoop it out onto the bank. Have also used my foot a couple of times to scoop out a flattie onto the bank, including one about 70 cm that was too big to grab under the head.

Just be aware of the power and head spikes when a big flattie shakes it head from side to side.

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Thanks guys. I would have loved to have a picture of the flattie too. I noticed in the water that it looked a lighter colour than normal and then looked for the blue spot and found it. That got me very excited.

Because I got in a bit of a rush to land it before it chewed through the line I didn't stop to think to much about the best way to bring it in. It was a very rocky and oyster covered area.

Thanks for the advice yowie, not sure if I'm game enough to try that yet, but will give it a go with a dead one next chance I get.

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Well done on some nice fish :thumbup:

Sorry to hear about the flathead, sounds like a handsome fish you had there and because you had it in your hands you can count it as a capture with your name on it. Don't forget to take a net with you for situations like this.

Keep up the great work.


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