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Port Stephens Dollies


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Hi folks, got a last minute call up for a charter trip out of Nelson Bay, so traveled up from Sydney on Friday night for the Saturday morning trip.

1 am and the wind was blowing hard and the trip looked in doubt, bugger, got to the marina at 5.30 am after a quick pie from the local bread shop and the skipper made the choice to go out - his intentions get to the FAD early and get home quick.

It was blowing about 20 knots when we left and 50 knots when we cam home. The skipper got us straight onto the slimeys and we had a hundred in the live well inside 30 minutes - heaps of fun!!

Punched out to the FAD apparently about 15 kms of the coast long trip resulting in some extra burley from one of the young lads on board - unfortunately for the skipper he missed the bucket - not a pleasant clean up.

Got to the FAD and backed up with in 100 metres and had three liveys out and with in a minute we were on, a hectic 2 hour session where we passed over rods to the other guys on the boat once we had landed our fish.

Most of the Dollies were around the 70 cm in size, not long before heading off one of the boys hooks up to a bigger fish and thirty minutes later lands a nice fish just on 103 cm long, tough fight in very rough conditions and the fish went deep.

The decision was made to pull the pin with one last cast, I decided to load a slimey up on my little two piece Bream rod with with little Daiwa Kastor real with 15 pound braid on it to have some fun on a smaller model Dollie,

Bang was in and at the start thought it was a smaller fish but as the fight went on we new we had another good fish on similar to the last one, Surprising the bream gear held up great, was tough work but about 35 minutes later landed a PB Dollie of 117 cm, weighed it and it went near 7 KG cleaned. It was very thick and and a bloody strong fish.

Amazing how these fish all took the live baits head first and every Dollie we caught had slimeys in there stomachs - we even had fish that had other peoples rigs inside them. So if your missing a two hook Snapper style rig - I have it?? Ha Ha

Even though the weather was ordinary the trip was well worthwhile (Knees sore today though)

Thanks - Blairypost-11217-0-66322900-1399258841_thumb.jpg

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Cheers blairy, can you please send them back to me! Lol

Your very brave heading out there on Saturday. The wind was terrible. Even my under 10 footy team were kicking goals from 40m out.

Well done on the dollies mate, make for great eating and congrats on your PB.

Cheers scratchie!!!

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Thanks guy - the skipper on the boat up there was great and what a great place to launch out of as I had never been there before, the scenery alone is worth the trip what a beautiful place and very fishy.

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