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Sincerest Apologies


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I write this with a red face as this is quite embarrassing :1sorry: Two of our very long serving members who have helped out many, many times at Socials and personally to Donna and myself in our time of need should have been made GOLD MEMBERS and alas we did not pick this up until yesterday.

Please accept our most heart felt apology Lyn and Geoff...... Mr and Mrs Dalucius and thank you both for your generosity to Fishraider and to Donna and myself and we truly call you both friends.

Regards Stewy and Donna

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Shame on you stewy! We know donna wouldn't have made a mistake like that.
Congrats Geoff and Lyn, you are both well deserved of gold membership and your input and efforts are greatly appreciated.
My kids love their new game and that just shows what type of people you are, selfless! You didn't have to do something like that, yet you did and brought a smile to their face!

Thank you!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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Thanks Stewy and Donna we really didn't expect anything and we're truely surprised to see you made us Gold Members.

We're glad your kids like their new game Scratchie. I hope you play with them and let them win lol.

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