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Fishfinder/GPS installation


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Hey guys, my Dad just bought a Lowrance Elite-5 Hdi Fishfinder/GPS combo. We're taking the boat out on Saturday and looking for somebody to install the unit hopefully tomorrow. We already have the fishfinder that came with the boat installed so figured it would be a simpler install then from scratch. The boat is a Quintrex Seabreeze 500 2000 model.

We are located at Toongabbie (near blacktown) so we would need to find someone not to far away. We have rung a few places but are getting quoted minimum $200, I assume because its a small job they make it worth their time. We were hoping to find someone that would be able to do it for around $100. Do any fellow raiders know anyone that would charge about that amount?

Tight lines

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its Highly unlikely that the old transducer would be the same as the new & there for you will need to replace the transducer using the one that come with the new unit, this in itself would be a job of lifting up part of the flooring also sealing the point that the plug runs through the transom (plug can NOT be cut off) so hole in back of boat has to be big enough for the plug to go through. Once you got the transducer mounted & wires run through to the head unit only then it becomes a lot easier power from the old unit can be used but make sure the right fuse for the new unit, Im pretty sure the elite's have an Internal antenna if so that should be job complete. if it has external antenna then you need to install that away from the unit re: installation guide.

for $200 there probably looking at 2.5 hours work if you do it yourself allow a full day you will take longer + a lot more care then they do.

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