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Audley to Deer Park, Port Hacking

AI fella

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I had convinced a mate to chuck a sickie on Friday and a plan was set but the weather gods had other ideas…sadly we left heavy gear at home and headed up to Audley to launch the yaks.Light spin sticks and hardbodies were the go as my mate was still of the belief that "those lure things don't catch fish",while I was still stuffing around with my yak old mate was already on the water flicking a little rapala floater about and next thing whoops of joy shatter the peaceful setting,he was getting smashed by little choppers and was getting fish cast after cast! so in my now eagerness to join him i jumped in the yak and grabbed the rod ready for a cast as, I was just about to flick when I felt a slightly wet sensation….bugger …forgot the flipping bungs….back to the ute….dry butt ,back in water, tailor buggered of….hmmmm! anyway we had a good slow paddle saw some quality bream at the old fish trap/wall but they were not keen on plastics or lures,across from Grays Point ramp the chopper tailor were back,, good fun on light gear but all undersized and returned.Kept meandering up to Deer Park and around but was breezy as so we headed back.Back into the sheltered shore and scored a nice little pinkie on a Seblie koolie but he was not much longer than the lure.My mate got a nice flatty about 65cm near muddy creek,All in nice 10km round paddle in stunning surrounds with plenty of laughs, Audley is a great spot to launch yaks if your a newbie or want to take the kids /missus, there is also a very nice new jetty/landing that is close to completion,which in time will become a sweet bream haunt.


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