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Picky Mahi Mahi


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Dropped in from Woy Woy yesterday to chase the Mahi in the hopes they were still around.

Tried for yakkas but they were really hard going today - funny how they are like that some days. Spoke to 2 other boats and they also had the same issues with them.

Headed off with 3 yakkas and plastics/ bait. Hooked up the first livie on a live bait hook and 20secs later, a nice sized Mahi is jumping out of the water doing cool acrobatics. Im using some light gear - 8lb braid, 12lb leader (uni to uni) with a Shimano Aernos 2500 reel. Im having a blast until I notice the yellow braid is pretty much goooonnnnneee and there is a whole lot of red spool showing, gulp.

Knowing the livies are in very short supply, I didn't want to stuff this up so we start chasing this thing all around the joint - not too much later, we have a lovely 88cm model on board.... my record. An expensive fish cause the other 2 livies were hit but didn't hook up (used circle hooks so Im blaming them, the normal live bait hooked worked no worries).


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