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First ever fish at kurnell... Any tips?


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Hey guys I'm planning on going fishing and squidding with some light line in kurnell.

I normally go off the land around the hacking, last minute decisions is taking us to kurnell this arvo.

Probably won't get any tips before we leave but any tips will help us for the next time.

Cheers guys,

Appreciate it.


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Hi Nelson,

I used to pick up a decent feed around any of the break walls ( I think they call them groynes).

Cast out away from the groynes with as light a sinker ( none if possible) and let your bait drift back towards them.

Good way to pick up bream. Chicken gut is an excellent bream bait particularly at night.


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If you are fishing from the beach, also try the village side of the oil wharf. The lights come on at dark and you can usually spin up some flathead or catch them on a slow retrieve with bait. If it is low tide try walking out off the beach in front of the car park near the reserve (right hand side of the oil wharf). Plenty of weed beds with big sandy areas through them which is another good squid or flathead area.

If you fish the groynes, the one straight at the end of Dampier Street, about 2 thirds the way out on the left hand side as you head out is usually pretty good.


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