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Double Hook Up


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We are on our annual fishing trip at Jindabyne and today I had a little accident.

I was changing lures and caught my index finger on my left hand and my thumb on my right hand.

I was well and truly hooked barb and all. Brand new out of the box very sharp lure, at least it wasn't rusty.

Knowing I wouldn't be able to get it out myself or even get out of the boat we needed to call for back up.

A 000 call for the ambulance was made. When they arrived the ambo said 'hmm not too sure how I can tackle that'. After some thought and local anesthetic he did a great job getting them both out without hooking himself.



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That looks very nasty Lyn.

Good to hear that you got the hooks out without any damgage and that was a cheeky joke from the ambulance officer.

Enjoy your trip and hope you get in amongst some nice fish.

Congratulations on becoming a Gold Member by the way.

All the best


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All good now. It was bad at the time but once the hooks were removed and the anesthetic wore off no pain just a couple of tiny scars.

No fish today unfortunately all getting ready to spawn.

Chelub thanks for the congrats.

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