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Botany Bay and Airport Tarmac


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When we left for an holiday, jr and me, saw a fisherman in his boat very close to the takeof/landing strip that goes into the bay.

Since, next to fishing, he loves the planes too, I am asking which is the best Ramp to get 'close to the action', when coming from the Northern Suburbs (Chatswood)?

Also, how close can I go witht he boat to the tarmac. Are there any markings?


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Guest no one

It's amazing watching those planes come in. Note how the quantas are smooth landings and the jet star planes almost land sideways and upside down

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My kids love fishing there ( on the occasion they come out) it's a great distraction for them. There is some markers or an exclusion zone around both runways about 100 m off.

The area between the runways is prohibited. As mentioned the foreshore drive ramp or cooks river ramp at Kyeemah are the closest.

The new runway on the ocean side has a drop off that may be worth a try, you can see it on the navionics app if you have it.

The few times with the kids we have fished the old runway and the little reddies keep them entertained. There are decent sized fish there as well. Id suggest small hooks and burley will keep them interested.

We have seen dolphins, busting up schools of salmon and tailor there as well, so having a few small metal slices handy would be worthwhile. Don't forget to give the kids sunglasses to wear!

What's really cool is sometimes well after a plane has passed you hear a whooshing sound. It's almost spooky. http://www.skybrary.aero/index.php/Wake_Vortex_Turbulence

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Thanks all. We had a great time. 747's, 777's and 380's plus other small one's.

On the fish side: a few small red's, one or two whitings. We didnt keep any. While reeling in a tiny red, there was a big fat Flathead following the bugger. What a sight.


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