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Please welcome our newest SITE SPONSOR.

Dundee Beach Fishing Charters.

The Northern Waters are home to a great variety of fish that we southerners rarely encounter so give our newest sponsor a call and can be contacted on the site via PM Fish Dundee or via his website


Regards Admin

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The link works on my other computer running Win XP

but not on this one Win 7, Both with internet explorer.

The link under A WORD FROM OUR SPONSERS works fine.

Could just be this computer .

Thanks again


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Welcome on board Dundee charters!

Hope you enjoy the site as much as we all do!

There are many raiders looking for quality charters in N.T and we now have one as a sponsor! You beauty! :)

Cheers scratchie!!!

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Dundee, great to see you join this premier site. The best run and most friendly in the business.

Mrs Paikea and I will be visiting Uluru in August then travelling on to Darwin, Kakadu and Litchfield. Hopefully we will be able to get out with you on one of the days. Would love to fish for Black Jew, Threadfin and Blue Salmon if possible.

Where of the above locations is closest to your base? And, what can we expect to catch in August?



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Hi Raiders, Thanks for having us on-board. We are looking forward to bringing a bit of fishing news your way from the Top End. We have just come to the end of a busy run-off season and now looking more towards the bluewater for a bit of dry season fishing fun.

We are based at Dundee Beach about 1.5hrs drive from Darwin in Fog Bay. Dundee is a small fishing community popular with Darwin anglers and a few nomad travelers throughout the year. We are surrounded by estuaries, rivers and reefs and have a nice beach with a few good land based fishing options with a great sunset over the water everyday. It's pretty close to living the dream!

Looking forward to sharing a few fishing yarns in the future.

Tight lines

Mick Dundee

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