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Wally's and Lilly Pilly


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Yesterday got to Wally's hoping to get black fish off the rocks, was still dark so reversed a boat trailer down the ramp for some guy who was reversing every where but down the ramp, got a few downs for 3 undersized black fish (still trying to master the art). Left around 8:00 to Lilly Pilly wharf/pool, ended up with 13 mixed Leather Jackets, happy to have a feed of those.

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Good work on the jackets.

Drifted with nippers on Thursday on the run-up tide at many places, for 3 whiting to 36cm, and one flattie about 50 chewed off the hook. Otherwise, not much else about apart from many little toadies.

Going fairly quiet now, though I have noticed the blackfish starting to move about in various places. Along the main channel and in various bays.

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Guest Aussie007

wallys wharf isnt the easiest boat ramp to reverse down best way is to approach the top of the ramp and do a left handed U turn and if u have detachable lights and fishing at night reversing down the ramp is a pain in the ass as u cant see where your going but its a good ramp closes to the heads

glad u caught some fish leather jackets beat nothing at all :biggrinthumb:

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