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Port Hacking Landbased Trevs

Krispy !

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Headed down to the hacking early this morning to see if there was anything decent around. Burleyed up bits of pilchard and soon there was swarms of little bait stealers but some decent trevally caught my eye abit deeper down. It was a mission getting past the bait stealers but I figured to throw the burley a few metres away to give my baits a chance to get down while the bait stealers were distracted. The trevally looked very timid and didn't approach my baits with 10lb fluro. Moved it down to 6lb and they would come in for a look and occasionally mouth the tiny piece of pilchard floating down the trail but didn't hook up. After an hour of mucking around and getting teased by the trevs I had enough, I changed to 3lb fluro leader and a size 8 hook. First cast got engulfed in free spool with the line running off the reel I closed the bail. I took no risks and played it out carefully, veering it away from pylons, after a couple minutes the fish tired and a bloke next to me netted the trevally which went 31cm. The next half hour was spent getting busted off and re rigging but also pulling up 3 other trevally. The biggest went 42cm on the dot and the rest were 31-32cm and all on 3lb fluro. The trevs disappeared eventually so I decided to head home looking forward to the sashimi.


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