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I just returned from 10 days holiday at Port Stephens, where my wife and I rented a little cottage on the beach at Corlette. I towed the boat up with the intention of doing some fishing but a lot of time was to be spent looking at real estate, as we are hoping to buy an investment property in the area. I had touched base with fellow Fishraider, Scratchie, prior to heading up and Jeff was kind enough to keep ringing or texting me to tell me how good it was out on the water, while I was looking at houses! I soaked a bait off the beach in front of our cottage on the first night, while my wife flicked a plastic around. She was not confident that lures work but managed a small flatty after a few casts, so there is hope. Next morning, I had two rods out, just a few steps from the cottage and I was still in my PJs!:


Pumped some nippers on Sunday, again, right in front of the cottage and managed some small whiting. Didn't take the boat out until about 4:30 on Monday afternoon, when I ran into Scratchie on the water where his boys held up nice flatties they had caught. Managed a couple of small ones but ran out of light so headed back to the ramp.

Next day we headed out after breakfast and managed 1 flatty around 50, a flounder, 3 cuttlefish and we managed to drop about 6 good flathead at the boat. My wife was hooking them on prawns but they would just throw the hook at the last minute. I had a nice lizard on a Squidgie but it jumped and through the lure.


My wife caught this flounder but didn't want her photo taken with it because (a) she didn't want to hold it and (B) because her hair "was a mess!":


Next day was better. We decided to take no bait and just use lures:






Headed outside on Thursday. Comedy of errors... got to the bait ground, put the Minn Kota down and realised I left the iPilot remote in the car, back inside to the ramp only to find it wasn't in the car but on the floor of the boat all the time! Back outside, didn't get bait so trolled out to and around Little Island. Wife said trolling is boring so head back inside to get a few more flatties.

All in all, a great holiday even if I didn't get to fish as much as I had hoped. I already miss sitting on the deck taking in these views:


A big THANK YOU to Scratchie for the local tips and putting me onto some good marks! You were a great help, Jeff!



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