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Anyone heading out tomorrow? Im heading to browns...


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yeah, we probably are, whats your call sign? ours is happy hooker, do you guys listen on 21?

that vein of warm has moved up, its near port stephens now. So the water temp is pretty unremarkable off Sydney all 22ish. So we will try to troll around structure.

we'll probably do something similar, put the lures just inside the 12 mile fast troll to shelf then browns, then troll mostly NE and SE of browns.


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Hit the peak only to find jackets then went to the botany wide fad. Got a few just legal dollies then went back inside. Beautiful conditions out there today and water at the fad was 24 deg and nice colour. Kinda wish I bought some bigger trolling rods and kept going wider.

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How did you all go today

Just a couple of small dollies, didn't bother trying the fads. We went wide and seemed kind of dead out there. Just past the shelf seemed the most fishy, we saw heaps of sauries there. And there was big current line just about 2 miles inside the shelf we got the dollies along that.

good luck if you are going out

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