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Boat Trailer Hub swap


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My boat trailer has a flat tyre and no spare.

I can get it fixed easily, and then find a spare too.

My local wrecker didn't have one that would fit

without spending a bit of money, plus i need to

get a spare set of wheel nuts as the ones that are on

the trailer won't fit the new wheel

So then I had a thought, I have a prado with 6 stud

wheels and 6 spare tyres. How hard is it to change a holden

5 stud to a toyota 6 stud?

I realize that I'd need to check that the tyre would fit

and I guess it will be a bit higher which might mean that

launching in a low tide could be a problem, but I'd always have a spare

tyre snf it would possibly tow better on the the freeway.

any thoughts?

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I dont know about towing better on the highway centre of gravity would be higher an there for less stable when cornering & going around bends.

to overcome launch & retrieve problems you can just reverse back further this will become a problem on ramps that are not real steep you may end up having to dip the back of the car to get the trailer in deep enough. NOT GOOD. You will also have the risk of the trailer going off the end of the ramp (short ramps) sometimes the sand washes away from the end of the ramp causing a drop off for the trailer to drop in to (seen this happen at Warf rd ramp West Ryde)

are your Prado rims worth any $? maybe sell them and buy the trailer a full set of alloys?

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Guest Aussie007

i dont think your toyota hubs will fit as its a holden axle the bearings will be different

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