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Another Chippo session - just one fish this time!


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Hi Folks,

Hit Chipping Norton Lakes again today but much different result. Fished all the same areas with same techniques and lures and got one nice bream very late in the session. Got another very small one to the side of the yak earlier and that was it.

Plenty of small hits all day but nothing hooked up.

Did see a very large green back slash up the surface chasing bait right between our yaks when fishing together which was exciting but it didn't stick around. I'm thinking a salmon.

It was a long session for just one fish but that's the way it goes I guess.

A quick pic below, check out the choppers on him :-)




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Good work mate that's fishing I guess somedays it's hot and some days it's not.

Iv lived near chipping norton since a child I didn't know it could produce salmon? What other species come out of the lake ? Are they any good for eating as I've heard the water down that way isn't the best

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