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  1. Awesome result - thats a memory you will take with you to the end. love it
  2. thank you @bessell1955 @big Neil @jenno64 @Pickles @Yowie for the kind words. nothing better than time spent on the water with the family
  3. Thanks Donna - they absolutely love it. as do i. time well spent together, great memories. I absolutely hate seeing them on the TV or video games, the great outdoors is ALWAYS the better option
  4. Gday Raiders Happy new year, i hope everyone is in good health. I still read everyones reports but get very little time to post and comment. Life has been busy, work along with family keeps us pretty much fully pre-occupied. I have however managed a few sessions inside Botany Bay with the kids. Botany has been unusually productive this year, which is great ! Have started to get the eldest two out towards the heads now with some manageable wave action about so that they can gain their sea legs. I found if we spend an hour inside the bay first then venture outside it significantly reduces the likelyhood of seasickness. My girl is a natural, no seasickness at all. My edlest boy Adam has gotten addicted to soft plastics and is chuffed with his 65cm flatty which he caught all on his own on a paddle tail. What age do you all recommend for full offshore adventure with the kids? Mine are still 8 & 7. Im absolutely itching to get out to the FADS. It wouldnt be a day on the bay without the youngest having his customary snooze on the chair ! Tight lines. cheers Sam
  5. Gday Raiders It has been a long time between reports. I really have missed you all dearly. I still check the site every few days but dont get around to posting much. I enjoy all the reports Its been a period of big lifestyle change, kids are growing fast and more demanding of my time. Coaching soccer 3 days a week, sold the yellowfin in May last year, bought a smaller 5 Haines as a replacement. Most of my fishing these days is what i would call "light" fishing inside the bays to accomodate the kids. I hope you are all in good health. TIGHT LINES. Sam
  6. Gday Raiders Found these parasite barnacles on the gills of a crab, ive obviously removed the gills. Is the crab still safe to eat? Ps. Stock image but they are the same as what i found. Thanks
  7. Nice work for Team Scratchie and BackCruncher. awesome fish.
  8. Wow - amazing stuff for sure. well done
  9. Would have been an emotional day for him. wow. I remember going on a charter with scotty when i was in my early teens, i actually owe quite a bit of my love for fishing to my adventure with him that day. Scotty was and is a real true blue champion. hundreds if not thousands of fishos in Sydney who got hooked after a day on the water with him....including me
  10. Well done Z - awesome write up. Boat is looking like an absolute machine. Bet you turn a few heads at the ramp and on the water. hopefully many more boating memories for you and Maria
  11. Awesome work mate. well done. that is a cracking red off the yak
  12. Gday Raiders Its been a very long time since I've posted. I hope everyone is doing well and in good health. Sadly, i sold the boat in February and have been caught up in family & work ever since. the extent of rain and wet weather hasnt helped. So not much fishing action for me at all. I did manage to recently get out on my mate Ralphs boat for a fish down south, we found a few nice reddies for the table. Whole pillies and slimies doing the damage. When is this rain going to end ? Never seen anything like it. Thanks Sam
  13. Well done mate - that is an absolute horse of a whiting. About as big as they get here in Syd for sure
  14. Cracking report Bob. Love the banana hanging out of the kingies mouth 🤣 ..... mythbuster confirmed!!!!
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