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Blackfish with dan

Guest hawkesbass

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Guest hawkesbass

Was feeling good enough to go for a fish today with ddaniel.

Left at 7am collected some bait and mixed some burley up.

Arrived at our wharf in the lower harbour around 9 30 am having never fished here sussed the likely locations out and decided where to fish i was rigged up already so pumped the burly in while dan rigged up my first drift onto a fish around 35 cms in the net next drift on again another fish around the same size landed third drift missed the hook up dan was now rigged up and onto a fish on his first drift.

For the next three hours we put 16 fish in the net ranging from 32cms to 38cms we kept 12 for a feed releasing four to grow bigger.

We would of had ten dropped fish between us with just as many throwbacks aswell.

We fished from half tide in to half tide out and called it quits.



Cheers trevor.


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Guest hawkesbass

Great work mate a really nice few fish you caught there it looks like a great session I looking at getting my first good blackfish just need to find some where to get some green weed

Cheers sydneyfisher12

hi sydney fisher i have been collecting my weed/cabbage from the rocks it is about the only place its growing at the moment.

But personal safety is always paramount and conditions need to be safetoo collect the bait.

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Wow great catch, you must have taken a big chunk out of the resident population of blackies.

I see them all the time at that wharf but have never seen anyone target them, including myself.

Bet you had a lot of ooo's & aaa's from the tourists off the ferries.

Well done.

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Nice to see a couple of perfectly good old reels put to good use and long rods, excellent reports, nothing like a few photos to tell a story. Nice spot as well, used to fish there a lot when I lived in Mosman.


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