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I have just booked a family trip back to Vanuatu in September and got in early as Virgin had flights $1000 cheaper than I would normally pay however we are limited to one bag per person and they want to charge me $55 each way for a rod tube. Now I already have one Raider travel rod and I thought I'd rather take the $110 and put it towards 1 or 2 travel rods than make a donation the airline. I'm looking for one say 8-10lb spin stick and one a bit heavier say 15lb. I'm happy with the Shimano but thought I'd see if anyone could suggest any other budget models. I know the $110 wont cover the lot but thought it was a good headstart but don't want to be paying a huge amount.

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I know that nitro make a 5 piece travel rod but that's probably out of budget

I have the 6-8kg 5 piece Nitro - Utility Sport Inshore and it's a fav take away and will be in my bag when I go back to Vana's at the end of next month. Though as Sydneyfisher12 says its a bit over $110

Cheers Blood Knot

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Hi boattart

I just got back from Vanuatu, loved your advice.

I looked info travel rods and ended up choosing the raider due to budget and my wife saying "It's not a fishing holiday" . Nitro etc way beyond

Uglies are broomsticks, slingshots won't last.

Take the tube.

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