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Rose Bay


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On Sunday arvo Hrgh (Joel) and I caught up for a soft plastic session, but sadly with no luck at Watsons Bay or Rose Bay. Joel was after squid, and I've been having reasonable luck with them so we went round to the wharf as it got dark, but ended up empty handed.

Not wanting to admit defeat, I went back to Rose Bay last night. While the sun was still up I got a baby Snapper (I think) on plastics, then a small whiting on a vibe. Then as it got dark I put on a squid jig and started to walk around to the wharf. On the walk I noticed small squid along the wall there, and ended up fishing that for an hour or more. The green eyes were there but seemed pretty timid, however I managed to get three. They were much smaller than the ones I've caught of the rocks, I guess good bait size, but they're destined for dinner tonight!


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I caught ones like these at Walsh bay they were smaller than my 2.0 jig

Yeah it was pretty tiny, this guy obviously thought he could eat something 3 times his size... I guess they're aggressive feeders.

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