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Woonona and Bulli rocks and reef


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I recently welcomed the arrival of my second son and decided 6 weeks off work was a must. The down side is that I hardly got to fish at all until last week.

I hit hit the rocks at Woonona behind the pool and noticed a mountain of green weed. I was armed with bread plus my heavy gear so it was drummer time.

They didn't disappoint and I got busted off every fish. I casted unweighted bread into my burly trail of break and week then whack! Felt like a snag but snags dont pulse when you fight them,

None the less the fish was well and truly in his cave. An old mate who usually fishes for blackies in Bulli joined me on the rocks for little luck. We exchanged fishing spots so I will have a new place to try my luck in the next high tide.

Fast forward a week (to today) and I decided to hit up the reef and rocks of Sandon point.

Armed with cooked prawns and bread I was ready for the bream and drummer.

After eating two thirds of my bait I decided I should throw some out to the fish. I hooked a monster of some kind. It was pulling like mad taking my left and right then I caught a look at it...it was a brown/pink colour and my thoughts are a snapper but I guess I will nenevr know.

After swearing a little I cast in the same spot and get a nice 30 cm bream. Made sure I didnt play with this one.

I decided to burley hard with the bread and prawn heads but I could not get the drummer to play. I cast right into their caves and ledges but nothing happened. I think I left my run too late as the tide topped and was on the way down.

I got some rather hard knocks for no more hook ups except a wirrah the size of a football and my beloved rock cale.

All in all it was magic being out there and good to see the water is still warm.








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