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Tarban again


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Back again today for high tide.

The big bream in the creek just tease me.

It was a bit windy so I started with my beloved Sugapen.

Walked the creek and bay for a few near misses, then changed over to a gulp banana prawn.

Casting and walking back to the creek, I only entertained the toads.

Another change, this time jerk shad nuclear chicken.

A few casts, twitch twitch and ....Bang


I saw this old fellow hanging around. Bad picture but is this an estuary perch ?post-33162-0-30278200-1402143315_thumb.jpg

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Bit hard to tell from that photo, but has the look of a small barra.

It did you know

It looked a bit sick, some scales missing and it's tail was split.

It was just moving slowly along the surfacepost-33162-0-57825000-1402213945_thumb.jpgpost-33162-0-87690100-1402213877_thumb.jpg

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Could be another of those Barra the monks release Into the harbour. A bloke I spoke with at rozelle when I was having a flick said him and a mate got 3 the week before, (pics to prove it as well) they don't like the water down here.

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Bad Karma.

This fish was lost, sad, sick and lonely.

He was suffering.

I read today fisheries have tried to stop the practice, it's not working.

The fish they are releasing grow up in excellent conditions in aquaculture farms not Sydney Harbour.

Yes they will be dispatched and end up on the table, but it will be quick,

This one faces an agonising death in alien surroundings.

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tarban creeks barra ... what next lol well spotted.

i wonder if the barra woudl d better at the hot water outlets up central coast way ? i know some dolphin fish stayed/ goty stuck near one over winter many years back. poor thing be freezing for him in sydney

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Great work rider and a nice flatly you got there

That's cool to see a barra in sydney I've seen a few reports on this site one where somebody saw one up a canal in haberfield

Cheers sydneyfisher12


That would be cool hooking up to a barra while we're bream fishing. :)

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