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Balmoral Monday


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I thought I might try something new today.

I went to the local tackle shop and asked about vibes and blades.

After a few tips, I left with a Strike Pro cyber vibe 35 and a pack of gulp satay chicken shads just in case.

Drove down to Balmoral because I know it's pretty sandy around the wharf.

Tied on the new vibe and no kidding 2 casts a flathead around the 50 mark is in the net.post-33162-0-35938600-1402299189_thumb.jpg

2 more casts and I thought I was snagged for a second, then it moved and fought. Was it the first ones big sister? Sadly no it was a good size octopus.

A couple more casts and I snagged up and lost the vibe.

Maybe beginners luck but these vibes are deadly.

Switched to the gulp on a 1/16, after a few flicks a decent flathead tried to nail it as it was almost out of the water. I had him for a second or two, but didn't get a clean hookup.

Then the choppers moved in.

I must have got 10 the biggest around 25 cm, they were tearing the plastics apart so I switched to a small halco slice but they wouldn't touch it.

I didn't see anyone else get anything except yellowtail .

All the choppers went back, but the flatty and occy went to the desperate bait fishermen


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Thanks guys.

There was a bit of surface action beyond casting distance.

Gars or sauries jumping around.

I will definitely be getting more vibes

Yeh that's what we saw on Saturday

Frigates chasing some large baitfish

And vibes are a very good way of fishing for flatties or bream

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Yea breaks your heart when you snag and lose them. I've changed all my vibe trebles to lure singles (the eye is oriented at 90degrees to normal so the hook faces backwards when attached to a single split ring). Think the hook up rate is a bit lower, but you lose a lot less lures and much easier to remove when the fish engulfs the lure.

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Great work Andrew and lovely report :thumbup:

I always find a snag on the sandiest of bottoms when using blades!

Yeah I've also got some blades in the tackle box that don't get much use for fear out of loosing them. Recently I've taken the trebles off some blades and replaced the rear treble with assist hooks, it's something I saw in a mag. I don't think the hook up rate is as good but snagging is reduced and as Richard said it's easier to remove the hooks from the fish and also causes less damage to the fish.

Keep up the great work mate and thanks for sharing.

All the best


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